The Exchange,Thoughts on Faith, Arts, Science and Culture

£ 12.00 each


By Jeff Frohner and Brian Whelan

Brian and I have not set about to define the meaning of his art, but to invite you into the space we have discovered.

It is a place where angels and demons sit side by side and join in the conversation. Nothing would make us happier than having you join us in this journey,but I’ll warn you in advance, it might cost you a round or two—unless the angels are buying!

Jeff Frohner. San Clemente, 2010

For anyone who has tried to find the words to describe the power of an image or the vision of the artist - this book is for you. 86 pages in perfect binding with 20 full colour illustrations.


"This book is the best night out I have had in ages. Great conversation about all the things that matter and that don't. It takes you everywhere. Like sitting around a table listening to two wise friends. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly. And bring a beer." Joseph Horgan, poet and columnist

"…stunning and beautifully illustrated book…" Sabina Clarke, Irish Edition

"What a triumph! It could not be better done, more insightful, more enquiring. I felt moved when I read it." Art historian, Sister Wendy Beckett

"The Exchange has renewed my excitement for narrative once again! It is just a delight and is fabulous to read". Ron Rendell, Washington D.C.

“…a visionary painter…”
Meryl Doney, Curator for Wallspace All Hallows on the Wall

“He goes to dark, grim places, places that in the modern world we like to pretend don’t exist and when he gets there he cracks jokes. This work is the work of the medieval jester.”
Joe Horgan, Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award winner

“It is rare to find a contemporary artist so confident in his portrayal of traditional religious themes.”
Rev. Canon John McLuckie, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh

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