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Public Personas

‘Public Personas’

Currently on Display

Westport River Gallery, Westport, CT


Westport Gallery April Exhibition


“A persona is a mask. The public face of someone as opposed to the true self. I have never met these people. I only know them through their works, their place in history, photographs, or old paintings of them. In my studio, I have a top-row portrait gallery of royals, rogues, artists, scientists, heroes, and villains. Anyone who has caught my imagination… They look down on me as I work. Criticizing and/or encouraging me on from one painting to the next and sometimes even conversing with each other when I am not there

-Brian Whelan in an interview for Ken Warren about the exhibit

“It is rare to find a contemporary artist so confident in his portrayal of traditional religious themes.”
Rev. Canon John McLuckie, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh

“He goes to dark, grim places, places that in the modern world we like to pretend don’t exist and when he gets there he cracks jokes. This work is the work of the medieval jester.”
Joe Horgan, Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award winner

“It’s as if a medieval stone mason had been given a box of paints.”
Brother Vaughan, Society of St. Francis