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Public Personas

‘Public Personas’

April 1-30, 2021

Westport River Gallery, Westport, CT


Westport Gallery April Exhibition


“A persona is a mask. The public face of someone as opposed to the true self. I have never met these people. I only know them through their works, their place in history, photographs, or old paintings of them. In my studio, I have a top-row portrait gallery of royals, rogues, artists, scientists, heroes, and villains. Anyone who has caught my imagination… They look down on me as I work. Criticizing and/or encouraging me on from one painting to the next and sometimes even conversing with each other when I am not there

-Brian Whelan in an interview for Ken Warren about the exhibit

''Clear, strong, prayerful work, with joy at its centre.''
Art critic Sister Wendy Beckett

"This is Divine Comedy in its Truest Sense"
John Kohan

“The best way I could describe Brian would be to call him the rock & roll painter.”
Paul McGuinness of the Popes