Group Exhibitions

2019  >>Legacy  Royal Academy School East Anglia, Colchester, England, UK
2018  >>The Prayer in the Garden  Vineyard Columbus Community Gallery, Delaware, Ohio, USA
2017  >>Family in Flight  St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church, Columbus, Ohio, USA
2017  >>We Three Kings  Vineyard Columbus Church, Columbus, Ohio, USA
2015  >>Were you there?  St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Delaware, Ohio, USA
2015  >>On Main Street, Byrne Gallery, Middleburg, Virginia, USA
2015  >>London Irish Art Exhibition 2015, Westminster Hall, London, UK
2014  >>Out of the Cold, The Foundry, Washington DC, USA
2014  >>Cabin Fever, Byrne’s Gallery, Middleburg, Virginia, USA
2013  >>Art Alive, Assembly House, Norwich, UK
2013  >>Cley 13 Flight of the Spoonbill, Cley, Norfolk, UK
2013  >>St Ives Sacred Art Exhibition, St Ives Church, Cornwall, UK
2013  >>East Anglia Group – Royal Academy, Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich, UK
2013  >>Deck of Cards, 18/21 Gallery, Norwich, UK
2012  >>Art Alive!, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Arts Auction, London, UK
2012  >>All Things Christmas, Assembly House Christmas Exhibition, Norwich, UK
2012  >>Cley 12 Aisle and Air, Cley Church, Cley, Norfolk, UK
2012  >>Journeying Towards Easter, Blythburgh, Suffolk, UK
2011  >>Flying Colours Fascinating Forms, Assembly House, Norwich, UK
2011  >>Ad Limina, Salthouse ‘11 Church, Salthouse, Norfolk, UK
2011 >> “The Class of…”, Ipswich Art School Gallery, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
2010  >>The Quiet Men, The Art Gallery, Villanova University, Pennsylvania, USA
2010  >>Summer Showcase, Doric Arts, Holt, Norfolk, UK
2010  >>Summer Show, Thompsons Gallery, London, UK
2009 >> Our Books Our Lives, Si Nordic Arts Centre, Beijing, China
2009  >>Visionaries Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, UK
2009  >>Salt of the Earth, Salthouse ’09, Salthouse, Norfolk, UK
2009  >>Celtic Fringe, Liceo de Noya, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2009  >>Visionaries – working in the margins, Wallspace, London, UK
2009  >>Spring Show, Wildwood Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds, UK
2009  >>City, Tsinghua Academy of Arts and Crafts, Beijing, China
2009  >>The Quiet Men, Pitzhanger Gallery, Ealing, London, UK
2008  >>A Table of Welcome, Art Sans Frontiers Trois, Norwich 20 Group, Norwich, UK
2008  >>Salthouse ’08, Salthouse, Norfolk, UK
2007  >>Through Irish Eyes, Culture Ireland in Beijing, China
2007  >>Kgetsi Ya Tsie, Thapong Visual Arts Centre. Gaborone, Botswana
2006  >>Summer Show, Cork Brick Gallery, Bungay, Suffolk, UK
2003  >>Christmas Show, The Solomon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2000  >>The Church Pub, Aldeburgh Fringe Festival, Suffolk, UK
1999  >>Art in Architecture, Halesworth, Suffolk, UK
1986  >>5 Dunhill Show, Gallery Siau, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1983  >>Summer Show, Sackville Room, Royal Academy of Art, London, UK
1981  >>New Contemporaries, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK

“…a visionary painter…”
Meryl Doney, Curator for Wallspace All Hallows on the Wall

''Clear, strong, prayerful work, with joy at its centre.''
Art critic Sister Wendy Beckett

“He goes to dark, grim places, places that in the modern world we like to pretend don’t exist and when he gets there he cracks jokes. This work is the work of the medieval jester.”
Joe Horgan, Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award winner